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not your payroll

Let computers do the boring stuff
We can automate many of your white collar processes by building online tools suited to your business's exact needs.

Automate your sales funnel processes.
Manage all your customer data across fewer systems.
Handle more customers with existing staff.

How we help

Your work becomes smarter, faster and more profitable when Growth Stage helps you:
Deploy or create CRMsAutomate data and white-collar processesOnboard clients with minimal effortBuild metrics and dashboards so you can make data-driven decisions

Who We've Helped

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Get the most of your employees

Set yourself up for sustainable growth and reap significant savings on employment costs after subscribing Growth Stage services.

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What we can help you do

Do you need better insight into your current customers and new business opportunities?

Could you grow your business if your staff spent less time on data entry?

With Growth Stage, you can. To help you grow your business, we can:

find & deploy the preferred Client Relationship Management (CRM) system for your business. If it doesn't exist, we can affordably create one from scratch to help you spend your energy on clients and not data.implement eSignature platforms to help you close your deals without the back-and-forth.incorporate your business data in KPIs and interactive graphs, providing actionable business insights.
Growth Stage has worked with commercial and non-profit clients alike.

Our work allows your work to be more profitable and effective.

Let us create scalable processes that pay off through increased efficiency and greater ability to manage larger numbers of clients without a larger number of employees.


Subscription Packages

Custom tech often requires hourly charges. Instead, Growth Stage is subscription based and still totally customized to your needs.

Custom Small Business CRM

When HubSpot, Salesforce and others just don't fit how you work, Growth Stage can create a custom CRM with $0 upfront and no per user license fees. Save money and get exactly what you need.

Starts at $300/mo

Non-Profit CRM

A simple platform to track your donors/volunteers and tasks, with specific fields and capabilities for advanced automated workflows. No per user fees.
Get up and running within 1 day!

Starts at $50/mo

Minimum Viable Products

Have an awesome app idea, but don't want to spend $40,000 to see it come to life? Growth Stage can create the first version for you to test the market with. We'll help you win that first dollar faster and with less risk!

Starts at $300/mo

Standard Website

It's common to spend $3,000 on a website and hundreds of dollars on monthly hosting for a standard webpage when using a professional. Instead, cut out the upfront costs and gain a partner for the long haul.

Starts at $200/mo

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Let's discuss where your business is at and where it could be with the best tools and growth strategy.

Partner Projects

Do you need a technical cofounder or you need a right-hand man to help strategize the growth of your business long term?

Do you have an open position that required industry experience but only part-time need?

I offer steady subscription "Partner Packages" where costs are not tracked hourly, but rather in a steady monthly subscription. Get a reliable trusted partner for a steady cost of an intern.

Partnership Packages

Hours are tracked as-worked and a monthly report is provided. I work and charge in quarter-hour increments, whether on-site or remotely.

Why Subscriptions?

Growth Stage wants to be a long-term business partner, not some temporary gun-for-hire.

To get the most of any contractor, they need to know how your company runs and who your team is; why pay for a contractor to learn those things and then revisit that each time an odd job comes up?

Subscriptions also give you a predictable cost. You won't have to worry about whether you can afford to ask my strategic opinion or to create a new process. If I have free time in my work week, anything beyond your subscription is free of charge.

Subscription Details

You decide the subscription that fits your budget & needs. Do you only have budget for a couple of hours as-needed? Or, do you need the reliability of a regularly scheduled part-time employee? Either are fine.

Subscriptions purchase minimum monthly time; if you contract 8 hours each month, you'll get 8 hours of work each month, so long as you need them. Subscriptions are akin to buying "shares" of my time that no one else can take away.

Hours do NOT carry over month-to-month; if a project has ended or is paused, you may want to reduce your subscription at your next renewal.

However, the benefit of having a higher amount of subscription hours is that your work will be prioritized over other clients with smaller subscriptions. I will fulfill your larger allotment of time before working on smaller projects.

The more you invest in Growth Stage, the more I invest in your success.

Too Complicated?

I'm happy to discuss conventional project-based or time based agreements, if you prefer.

These conventional projects typically require larger upfront costs.

How We've Helped Others

McGregor & Associates
A professional services company providing outsourced employee benefit management, McGregor was annually rushed with federal filing deadlines. Information was hard to collect from their clients and the lack of an easy to use admin system made filing and tracking difficult.

The founding member of Growth Stage built an entirely custom CRM system with client information, task management, complex data structures managing various plan years, and employee user management. Workflows, reports and automation allowed the team to better track and plan for their annual submissions.

BlueFrame Technology
A budding local technology company had a growing nationwide client base, but did not know how best to scale their operations. Customer data was messy or missing and staff spent hours doing manual data entry across a variety of platforms, which added to burnout and mistakes.

Growth Stage's founding member built a custom CRM on the Citrix Podio platform with advanced automations and workflows that saved an estimated 40 hours of manual work per week across its staff!

Later, a custom outward facing website was built with workflows of its own. The site and utilized webhooks to insert new contacts and customers directly into the CRM, without employee effort. One website workflow involved an automated sales proposal system where a salesman was not required to interact with a client before they signed for service. This workflow became the default way of creating contracts and led to over 100 new client proposals with minimal effort!

Once client data was easy to manage, it was easy to visualize. A Business Intelligence deck of interactive graphs and charts allowed management to better forecast revenues, understand customer renewal trends and use visualizations in outbound marketing.

Say YES Lex
A group of school administrators and local area business people were looking for ways to attract capable adults to serve as mentors for underprivileged youth. They knew their mission but did not know what to do or where to begin.

As a founding member of the non-profit project, Growth Stage suggested and created a custom outward facing website with a survey feature, pairing visitors quickly with the organizations that best fit their availability and interests. Further workflows allowed visitors to quickly identify and donate to the various mentoring programs who participated in the platform.

Human Athlete Project
A brand new non-profit committed to college student mentoring was having problems efficiently pairing mentees with the best available mentors. A simple roster of 9 mentees took hours of reviews to pair them with the most applicable adult.

Growth Stage created a small CRM to manage both mentor and mentee information. Automated workflows, triggered with a single click, reviewed all available mentors for a mentee, scored each pair based on parameters and allowed the administrators one-click access to make introductions between the best mentor/mentee combinations.

It's one thing to create a connection, but it is another to check-in on all connections on a regular basis, at scale. Growth Stage automated a quarterly check-in with a linked survey. Survey results were tracked and history was kept within the same CRM. Poor responses immediately notified the administrators so they could intervene.

Your Own

Tech Guy

For Less

What is Growth Stage?

Growth Stage provides you the benefit of having an MBA-trained Operations Manager on-call.

Strategize your Technology

Plan what computers you should buy.Implement remote working tech and policies.Pick the best tools and software to make you more efficient.Deploy e-signature, invoicing, or mobile sales platforms to capture, sign and charge clients, anywhere and anytime.

Strategize your Operations

Clean up and centralize your Client data.Automate how clients connect with you and stay informed on your services.Pull your data into dashboards and maps so you can start making data-driven decisions.Let your humans focus on human-driven tasks by making computers do the dull stuff.

Who is Growth Stage?

When you could use someone you trust to help with technology, client data and business strategy, schedule a free consultation with Brad.

Brad earned his BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and followed it up with a MBA from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has successfully improved small companies in professional services, non-profits, technology startups and the world's largest Defense manufacturer.

If your organization is ready to take off, Brad can help you ignite the fuse.

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Brad Farley
Founder of Growth Stage, Brad earned his BSE in Mechanical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University and followed it up with a MBA from University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. He has worked in Operations Management across a variety of roles: from Fortune 50 companies to small technology startups. His experiences range from Defense Manufacturing to Professional Services to Video Streaming. If your company needs to grow, Brad can help you ignite it.

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